Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a delivery charge?
Yes, it varies from $4.00 - $5.50 depending on the city you are ordering from .

Is there a minimum order requirement?
Yes, the minimum lunch order is $50.00

Do you only deliver during lunch hours?
Yes we only deliver for lunch time

Why do you not offer evening deliveries
Due to the health issues that the owners are going through, we decided it would be best to focus on lunch deliveres as well as caterings 

How long will my order take?
Usually 45-60 minutes.  However due to road condions, traffic and bad weather delivery times may vary.

Can the Delivery Driver accept gratuities?
Yes,  gratuities are Greatly Appreciated.  Your Mobile Server uses their own vehicle and work hard to make sure your order is correct, hot and delivered in a timely manner.  15% is customary and can be added to any credit card.  All orders over $50.00 will have a minimum 15% gratuity automatically added to them.

Is it possible to order large catering size orders?
Yes, we offer the Largest Variety of Cuisines in the local area available for delivery.  The Catering Selections are located at the end of each restaurant's  menu.  A minimum one to two day notice is requested.  Let The Mobile Waiter help you plan your next event.  We are perfect for Office Meetings, Training Seminars, Business Luncheons and Special Events!

Can I order for breakfast?
Yes, we offer Breakfast Trays such as Bagels, Muffins and Juice. Some restaurants also have a Breakfast Menu. We ask that you place all breakfast orders one day in advance.  Breakfast orders also have a minimum $50.00 order.